Porto Covo, Alentejo – a corner of paradise just a few steps from Lisbon

Portugal is one of those countries for which I have always had sympathy perhaps because in the European and international dialogues it keeps aside or is put aside, perhaps because among the European countries it is not considered (obviously wrong), enough.

I have always been fascinated by the geographical peculiarities, and therefore I could not fail to experience it for this European country overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the most western country of the European continent, a people of navigators and explorers, whose glory is recognized by walking through the streets of the wonderful city of Lisbon, for example by observing the “Monument to the Discoveries”, or Padrão dos Descobrimentos.

This time Lisbon, the city visited for the first time, many years before, was just passing through and I headed to the region south of the capital, a region enough, and I would say fortunately underestimated and still not invaded by tourists like other places in Europe.

In this magnificent region, time seems to stand still, life takes on a simple and slow rhythm and perhaps this is precisely the aspect that most struck me and that made it one of my favorite places. A landscape made of white and blue villages, fields that change color depending on the season, olive groves, ancient windmills, towns rich in history, and an Ocean, which with its crystal clear waters, but always in movement, gives these places a romantic look.


Those who know me know that I would find every excuse just to stroll around, and so, with the opportunity to get to know “Susingiro“, an Italian girl with a Brazilian soul who had been living there for a few months, and to understand if they could start a project /a collaboration I took the ball and I left. In fact, for several years I have the thought of wanting to live in a place near the sea… will I be able to return to the great and happy times of the months spent in Sydney?


Porto Covo is located about two and a half hours from Lisbon and can be reached by public transport.


It is the first time that I happened to “live” in a small village in Europe… that kind of place not easy to reach by public transport, where everyone knows each other, with a few small supermarkets and a few restaurants … there are so many things to do in this village, but maybe it doesn’t matter, considering that this village is surrounded by wonderful and wild nature, one of the most beautiful coastal paths in Europe and if you are lucky enough to meet adorable people with which you have a special and instant connection … Porto Covo not only has the good fortune to host three of the most beautiful beaches in the whole Alentejo, but it is also the initial stage of the famous Rota Vicentina which, through a breathtaking coastal path, leads up to to the Algarve region in Cabo San Vicente.

Porto Covo is also a good starting point to visit Vilanova de Milfontes, nearby Sines, the breathtaking beach of Zambujeira do Mar or the agricultural landscape dotted with windmills of Odemira or the nearby town of Sines and much more.

After a month spent in this corner of paradise, it is not clear to me if I am ready to move to this place for a new life, but I am sure of one thing, I will keep in my heart the memories of these beautiful days. What is certain is that life never ceases to surprise me… I will not forget the days spent observing the colors of the sky and the ocean, seeing the day become night… listening to its sounds and that of seagulls, to explore this beautiful and wild stretch of the Portuguese coast, walking the streets watching the seagulls fly over my head… the crazy joy of going to a nudist beach and diving freely into the cold waters of the ocean… that sense of priceless freedom and that feeling of being so close to mother nature and her magic.


  • Miramar restaurant. With a view of the old port and friendly staff, this restaurant is outside the small tourist circuit of the town and is the most authentic. You can taste many specialties or simply spoil one of the many typical liqueurs/bitters outside on the outdoor terrace. Among my favorite dishes the stuffed red peppers, and the amazing desserts.
  • Praja Grande Bar e Restaurante. A youthful and more trendy place, excellent for an aperitif with sea view.
  • To Ilha. Recommended if you want to enjoy a typical Feijoada de Choco, a bean soup, in this case with cuttlefish inside.
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