The blog

Amélie’s compass was officially born in 2015, the year in which my life changed and took on a new shape. Finding myself on the other side of the world, the feeling of HAPPINESS and enthusiasm, have made that creative vein hidden for some time re-emerge. I have never been good at finding titles, and therefore I do not exclude that in the future I may decide to change the name of this blog, but without a doubt, it represents me enough, especially in the first part: the compass is the tool used by explorers, by navigators and geographers to explore the world and to orient themselves. I chose Amélie instead because one of my favorite films is the wonderful world of Amélie.

The blog recounts travels and experiences around the world with a critical look at respect for nature, peoples, and cultures of the world. But not only that, but it also wants to be a means of inspiration for all those women and people who have always dreamed of, but have not yet found the courage, to change their lives or simply to live that journey and that one-way experience without knowing the return.

Thanks to my last years spent in Asia, and to a deep passion for India, I have approached various oriental spiritual practices such as yoga, different types of meditation, and holistic practices. If it is true that the experience in Australia marked a point of new beginning, of a rebirth of my life, it is in India that I rediscovered myself through the knowledge of oriental disciplines and philosophies never tried before.

This blog is therefore a blog about TRAVEL, NATURE, but also a blog on HAPPINESS, on RESILIENCE, on SPIRITUALITY.