My concept of travel

My way of traveling tries to get in touch with local people, with an open mentality to the diversities, without prejudice.

I prefer to travel with public transport, this to give more value to geographical distances, to the borders but also to limit the environmental impact as much as possible.

I always try to choose accommodation for small families, homestays, or guesthouses, but I sometimes like to stay in small hostels where I can meet many travelers and backpackers.

I believe in the “less is better” formula, I prefer to visit fewer places but more slowly and with more authenticity. I like to be hosted by the locals or volunteer or work in exchange for board and lodging, because this gives me the opportunity to get in touch with local realities, and in many cases to stay in places longer.

I believe that tourism can be a great resource for a country and its people, but on the condition that this tourism is SUSTAINABLE AND RESPONSIBLE.