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29369429825_5ba724f412_o-jpg-2Rosanna Achille, 1985. The passion for traveling has born together with a passion for geography, cultures, and foreign languages. I still remember when studying geographic maps and looking at mappings I dreamed of seeing far away places. But geography is not just a study of maps, the need to memorize the capitals of a country, it’s a complex and fascinating subject that addresses many important aspects of the world we live in. The study of geography has represented for me study the nature and the natural phenomena of the world in which we live but, at the same time, it gave me the opportunity to study the anthropological and social phenomena of nearby and distant cultures as well as the great problems and injustices societies that afflict many peoples in the world. Yes, because, as you love nature and the landscapes of the world, I feel an enormous interest in art, culture, and man.

And so armed with my beloved Reflex I’m hunting for landscapes but also faces because a trip is made unique by the encounter of people who live in the place we are visiting. Those are the things that we will never forget.

Until a few years ago my travels were condensed on weekends or summer holidays but after leaving my job that was tight I had the opportunity to spend 7 months in Australia, traveling to New Zealand, living in Japan, traveling to Patagonia, etc.

Since then, since that wonderful 2015, I have not stopped, except for brief Italian parentheses, and so I found myself doing the Tour leader and interpreter in Namibia for two months, or spend wonderful months in India.theses, and so I found myself traveling, working and volunteering in different parts of but especially in Asia, my great love.





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If you want to ask for information or you need suggestions, please write to me to my address: [email protected]

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