Kanyakumari – at the southernmost point of Peninsular India!

“And here I am, in the southernmost tip of peninsular India. After this point, no train goes south but only those that return in other directions …”

Nature, myth, history, and spirituality come together and make this city a famous destination for pilgrimage and especially internal tourism. Yes, because despite the importance of this city in ancient times and the various places of interest, this town is snubbed by international tourists.

Are its geographical aspects that attracted me and are the main reason why I decided to go here despite the difficulties.

It is here that three seas meet: the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal, although it is the Laccadive sea that surrounds it on all three sides. Another almost unique natural phenomenon is the fact of being able to see the sun rises and sets over the sea from the same beach! In this place, so important for Hindus because of the goddess Kumari Amman, there is one of the most beautiful churches in India, “Lady of Ransom”! Yes, Christianity has reached the end of the subcontinent … Another attraction of the city is also the beautiful Gandhi Memorial right in front of the sea which contains part of its ashes.

About this place Gandhi said:

“I am writing this on the promontory, facing the sea, where three waters meet and provide an unparalleled spectacle in the world. For this reason, it is not a port of call for ships. Like the Goddess, the waters around are virgins.”

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