India – Sleeping in the Golden Temple of Amritsar

But basically, I was there in India not just for Jaisalmer and Rajasthan. I had in fact decided to return to India not only to see old friends and my beloved desert city but also to visit new places of this immense subcontinent and so I headed to Amritsar via Bikaner where an Indian woman met when I arrived in India in the station of Jaipur, he hosted me preparing succulent delicacies, making me rest in his bedroom, and introducing myself to the community of the city. I will never cease to be amazed at the generosity of people, and their hospitality, it is something we should all learn from. Because often those who are less able are more ready to open the doors of their own humble house and their heart.

Bikaner was a pleasant visit especially from this point of view than anything else because I loved the city and also the most famous temple in the city, the temple of mice, was not the best.

On the bus to Amritsar, there was only me and two other foreign travelers, a couple of Americans. Of course, as often happens on these occasions, we decided to continue together as our destination was the same, the famous Golden Temple of the Sikh city of Amritsar.

This city is unique, I do not think there are other similar places in all of India, unfortunately, the weather did not help us since it was cold and raining, a meteorological condition totally unknown to me in India, but also with that climate he could appreciate the special magical atmosphere of that place. While walking in the direction of the golden temple, one has the sensation of approaching a place of other times full of religion, spirituality and mysticism. The city is the center of Sikhism and a city of the state of Punjab.

In India, it is common to be housed in temples as in the ashrams that often offer food and lodging for free, but doing it in the Golden Temple complex of Amristar is a unique experience, although it serves a good spirit of adaptation, being the very spartan context. Many foreigners from all over the world choose this solution. As there is obviously much Indian faithful who sleep in these places, this is, therefore, another occasion, to be totally immersed in the sacredness, in the religiosity of so many faithful.

Once you arrive, all you have to do is register and find a mattress and blanket that you will have to leave the next morning; the complex is obviously equipped with bathrooms and showers (also Spartans) divided by men and women.

Inside the golden temple, the atmosphere is spiritual, with the faithful chatting, praying or bathing inside the sacred basin.

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