And, what about Dalai Lama?

When I decided that I would spend some time in this area I was aware that I would not be able to see the Dalai Lama, and above all, I would not be able to attend one of his speeches or his guided meditations.

But when I was in Rishikesh, while I was at one of Prem Baba’s Satsangs, I found out the Dalai Lama would inaugurate the Yoga Festival, one of Rishikesh’s most important events, being considered the latter international homeland of this ancient practice.

At that moment, I decided that this was a sign, a sign that I would have to leave India a few days later. In those days, in fact, I was trying to understand when, and above all, how to leave Rishikesh and cross the border with Nepal.

I had decided to move some days in advance if there were any unexpected problems during the trips because I wanted to avoid problems with the authorities at all costs.

And so, I decided to stay in the city a few more days, time to see the Dalai Lama, after all, I could not miss a chance.

For two days, I and some people woke up in the morning before dawn and in the dark of the night, we walked to the Parmarth Niketan, the most famous ashram in all of Rishikesh which hosts the Festival’s editions every year.

The atmosphere that was breathed on the bridge was soothingly full but desolate at that time, at night, with the moon still lighting up the river, and hearing the sounds of religious rituals. We felt deeply grateful for all those emotions, but we were even more so because we were convinced to see the greatest exponent in the world of the Buddhist religion.

In fact, unfortunately, once in line, we received the bad news, the Dalai Lama, did not feel well, news that we received even the next day when we tried again and hoped to meet him.

We see that this meeting was not really written in my destiny, at least not at that moment. I want to believe, that it was a trick of fate to get me back there.
Because I am now convinced that for everything, every event, every meeting we make there is always a reason.

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